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I have been using Linux since 1994. I started off downloading a Slackware 1.44MB boot disk image and root disk image just to play around with to see what Linux looked like. These disk images were just meant to be to get the system booted ready to install the Slackware packages, so it was a very minimal system with nothing more than what would normally be provided by busybox today. I had a slow dial-up connection back then though so couldn’t download the whole of Slackware.

It wasn’t until a few months later when I managed to get a Slackware 2.x CD-ROM that I could do a real install. I didn’t really understand the package management back then so ended up just compiling a lot of stuff myself and losing track of what I had installed where, but after enough playing around everything seems to work 🙂

Over the years I have done a lot with Linux and learned how to fix almost any problem, but I still find myself double checking simple commands that I don’t commonly use any more. That was why I made this site, to keep a collection of stuff I can look up and it might be useful for other people too.